Watch This Now: Micachu and the Shapes – “Never”

Here’s something fittingly mental to get you through the “hump day.” Micachu and the Shapes have just released a new video. No, wait, two! Four! Six! How about FIFTEEN? No shit, kids – these fearless freaks have just made a video for every single song on their second studio album, entitled Never. In collaboration with director Chloe Hayward, all three of the Shapes – vocalist Mica Levi, keyboardist Raisa Khan and drummer Marc Pell – star either collectively or individually in each of these dashing displays of complete oddness.

It’s worth mentioning that this seems to have all been done probably in the same day – none of the three change their main outfits throughout, and it all seems to have been done through the magic of green-screen. I can’t even begin to think where they came up with some of these ideas, but I’m definitely not complaining. I love the knee-jerk dance on Easy, Raisa arguing with a dog in Low Dogg and the phone conversation that knowingly refers to the call-and-response chorus of OK. There’s just so much clever work being done here – I can’t believe that they actually went through with it. These guys continue to amaze and inspire me. I can’t wait until they’re back in Australia. For now, though, enjoy Never in its audio-visual entirety.


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