Watch This Now: Seaway – “Sabrina the Teenage Bitch”

“Make up your mind, stop fucking with mine…”

Here’s something short and sweet from an adorable new pop-punk band straight outta Oakville, which I believe is in Ontario, Canada. Was pointed in their general direction by the lovely people over at Dying Scene – who you should totally check out once you’re done with this site – and quickly grabbed a copy of their debut EP which dropped last year. This is their first foray into the world of music videos, and I gotta say that it’s great to have them on board!

Let’s get this out of the way first – yes, this very closely follows the tried-and-tested pop-punk video format that can basically be summed up in three words: “PARTY OVER HEEEEERRRE!” Yep, the Seaway kids sure know how to throw a pool bash. There’s babes with their band sticker on their arses, a buff black dude busting out every word in a sing-along, a shed for seven minutes in heaven and a bunch of very good-looking boys and girls that look even better in high-definition (go on, try it!) It’s very goofy, but there is plenty of fun to be had in the song’s 150-second run. Keep it simple, stupid! Really enjoyed this one – probably just a little bit more than I should, but who cares? I’d love to get the lowdown on what else is happening in Canadian pop-punk. Who’s my hook-up in that regard? Anyone? Food for thought, anyway. Get to stagediving, y’all!


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