Watch This Now: The Gaslight Anthem – “Handwritten”

“I can understand, you need a minute to breathe, to sew up the seams after all this defeat…”

I’m not ashamed to admit that I can be a bit late to the party sometimes – and such is certainly the case with The Gaslight Anthem. Despite praise ranging from “the band you need to hear right now” all the way up to “America’s greatest working rock band,” I only really started listening to the band beyond a couple of songs this year, coinciding with the release of the band’s fourth record, Handwritten. Better late than never of course – and, from what I understand, there’s never been a better time than right now to be a Gaslight fan. The album is fantastic, and this video for the album’s title track makes things even better.

A young rock band plays to a young audience. A couple in love attend the show and buy the band’s album. The girl gives it to the boy as a present, leaving a note on the sleeve. We never see the band again, but we see where the LP in question goes – the owners, the lives of the people it touches. Music lives and breathes in its physical form, particularly vinyl. As much of a supporter that I am of filesharing and p2p, there is something quite remarkable about the sentiment that can come with holding your music. It adds character, if anything else – and the attachment you can have to it can be quite magical. I think the main point of the video, though, is really that music means something. It means so many things to so many different people. You and I are very, very fortunate to have it in our lives.


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