Watch This If You Dare: Angels & Airwaves – “Surrender”

“The kids still move to a steady beat, even if it’s bombs landing at their feet…”

Full disclosure: The guy writing what you’re reading right now used to be obsessed with Angels & Airwaves. And we’re not just talking an “oh, those guys are pretty cool” teenage phase. We are fucking well talking obsessed, sir. Some people within my social media community didn’t know me by any other name than Valkyrie Missile, which  is the first song on the band’s debut, 2006’s We Don’t Need to Whisper. I cried when I didn’t get to see them live when I was sixteen. Every logo I drew was theirs, every MSN status was a lyric of theirs, every drawing I did in my sketch book was to do with them in one way or another. They spoke to me profoundly and, to this day, inexplicably. I could not tell you for the life of me why I loved them so much. My best guess is that they just spoke to me when nothing else could.

Full disclosure: This video is a fucking piece of shit. Taken from their latest effort, Love Part II, not only is the song a direct rip-off of both blink-182‘s songs Down and Always, it also freely rips off the band’s own track, The Adventure. Speaking of stale, who the fuck is making videos about Occupy Wall Street anymore? That shit is done, guys. AVA wouldn’t be more out of date if they made a video of them all planking while wearing Kony 2012 shirts. Keep the fuck up, Tom. Sure, you might have aged well physically, but this is such a brattish and immature style of “epic” video. Writing “revolution” on your hand doesn’t mean SHIT. Diddly fucking SHIT. Do you understand me? Sweet Jesus. There’s so much glossy “we’re gonna take over the world” bullshit in this video – it’s even worse than the faux-anarchic blink clip for Up All Night from last year. My heroes are falling. Goddammit.


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