FEATURED FRIDAYS – My Favourite Video: Lindsay McDougall

Lindsay McDougall is an Australian musician and radio presenter.

He is best known as the guitarist of Frenzal Rhomb and the presenter of triple j‘s
drive-time program under the moniker The Doctor.

His favourite video is Saturday Night Palsy by T.I.S.M.

It was the first video of theirs I saw, and encapsulates their respect for the form whilst still exploring their dissatisfaction with the pop video milieu.

TISM were the ultimate irony. A disco band who hated disco; a band with a cult following who decried the love of blind cultists. They also wrote hilarious songs and had mad guitar bits.

In the clip, we see a typical 80s socialite make his way through days, and nights, of Melbourne decadence. The nightclubs, the ladies, the promiscuous abandon. He is at one with the night, and the night life. He’s at all the right parties. He makes the social pages. A regular Mr. Melbourne.

But then something begins to go wrong. Phone calls to trusted friends don’t go as they should. He laughs it off. Checks his diary. It’s Saturday night and TISM are playing. He is fresh from the shower, sprays cologne on his Adonis-like body. Arriving at the club he strolls past the plebeian masses to the front of the queue.

Then, in a moment reminiscent of Shakepeare’s Julius Caesar, he is betrayed. Told by the bouncers that he’s not welcome at the TISM gig. Ever relaxed, he shrugs this deep knife out of his back, and walks away from the crowd. Where in a moment of pure Arthur Miller, our protagonist spends the last dying seconds of the song hoisting a rope over a beam in the ceiling, and hangs himself, smiling.

As a young teenager, this spoke volumes to me. Except for the hanging thing. That shit’s dumb. If I wasn’t let into a TISM gig, I’d just cry myself to sleep or some shit.

You can catch Lindsay on triple j weekdays from 3pm.

You can also catch Lindsay playing TONIGHT at the Manning Bar in Sydney with I Exist. Doors are at 8pm and limited tickets are still available here.

The band’s latest album, Smoko at the Pet Food Factory, is also available in all good record stores now.


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