Watch This Now: The Shins – “It’s Only Life”

“You’ve been cornered by a natural desire, you want to hop along with the giddy throng…”

It’s official! For their latest album, Port of Morrow, The Shins are officially three from three for their new music videos. First up was the delightful Simple Song, with its pandemonium and destruction; followed by the wondrous animation of The Rifle’s Spiral. Now, the oddity and strange joy of It’s Only Life, one of the slower and more sweetly sentimental songs from the record (how’s THAT for alliteration?), is brought to life through the medium. In fascinating style, the video manages to bring an entirely different context and environment to the song, taking something bittersweet and making it strangely joyous in the most adverse of circumstances.

There are two humans in this entire video. The rest are either dog companions or creepy-arse aliens. The former is a companion to a little boy – seemingly one of the only people left in an abandoned town – and the latter is dragging James Merer along the ground by a rope. Sure… I dunno. It’s all very jarring, but what keeps you with the video the whole way through is the boy and the dog. What utter sweethearts. They are as oblivious to the context and the situation he is in as we are. It brings a new innocence and that aforementioned strange joy to the forefront of the video. This is definitely one that I’ll be watching a few more times in order to properly make sense of it. I hope I like what I find.


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