Watch This Now: OFF! – “Borrow and Bomb / I Got News For You”

OFF! are about as punk as it gets. With a huge background of bands between its four members, ranging from Black Flag to Redd Kross and all the colours in-between, OFF! do punk rock in abrasive, blunt and exciting fashion. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And even if it is, trash your instruments regardless. Similar to Band of Horses, OFF! have just been announced as part of the 2013 Big Day Outline-up, so I figured now was as good a time as ever to find out what this lot has been up to. They dropped their debut album earlier this year and have been rolling through film clips like nobody’s business – and now seemed as good a time as ever to double up and throw two songs in the same clip.

That’s right – with OFF!’s songs being so short as it is, why not grab two and stick them together? First up is Borrow and Bomb, in which a delightfully awkward Dave Foley plays an educator on a public access show called Teen Talk. “What the heck is punk rock?” he asks, and after some more delightfully awkward conversation, we find out. OFF! perform and startle Foley something chronic. It’s great viewing. Changing channels eventually leads to a dance-aerobics class where they bust out an awesome routine for I Got News for You. Of course. Spandex has never looked or felt so right, ladies and gents. Get amongst it. Two for the price of one is nothing to be sneezed at!

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