Watch This Now: Band of Horses – “Knock Knock”

“Say it to my face, there’s no time to be reserved or safe…”

Of the many awesome acts that have been announced as part of the Big Day Out‘s 2013 lineup, let’s focus in particulary today about Band of Horses; the hirsute indie rock band that could. Last out here  as a part of 2010’s Splendour in the Grass lineup, the band will return in January in support of their fourth album, Mirage Rock. To celebrate its iminent release, they’ve thrown together this dainty little clip to go with the lead single, which is a bit more rocking and four-on-the-floor than fans may be used to. Change is as good as a holiday, though; and it looks like the band have found a remarkable location to go vacationing.

Although the video credits sadly do not specify exactly where this video was shot, it’s a wonderfully scenic and lush atmosphere that is documented through hundreds and hundreds of photographs. Yeah, the whole “no film in film clip” thing has been done, but I just adore and appreciate the charm of the thing. There’s no grander scheme or deeper plot – except the weird thing with the chalk door near the middle, but that’s another story. I just think it’s lovely. A really sweet and simple visual companion to what’s shaping up to be one of the catchier tracks I’ve heard all year. Get your beards ready for BDO, kids!


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