Watch This Now: OFWGKTA – “Sam (is Dead)”


“Living it with no delay, so fast I’m getting growing pains…”

The fearless freaks of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All don’t slow down for anybody. We’ve already featured two great videos from the collective this year, both lifted from The OF Tape Vol. 2 – the hilarious Rella and the spur-of-the-moment joy of Oldie. In true Odd Future style, the video for the latest promotional single is nothing like either of the previous two. It lends more from She, the twisted Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean collab from last year’s Goblin – visually stimulating and beautifully shot, but horrendously terrifying all the same. As if you’d expect anything less from these twisted individuals, no?

A collaboration between Tyler (who also directed the clip under his Wolf Haley moniker) and Domo Genesis, the video documents life during wartime – particularly within said warzone. Although it’s never specified what it is the troops are fighting for – or why, indeed, they’re after Tyler – the video still feels harshly joined to reality; even when it all starts to become increasingly surreal. Not only did I love the various locations in which this video was shot, I also found myself drawn to the characters portrayed, however brief an insight we received into their lives. Watch out for the particularly disturbing capture and execution scene near the end – the OF boys haven’t done something quite this fucked up since Tyler hung himself in the Yonkers video. As always, proceed with caution – and, as always, if you don’t like it, OFWGKTADGAF.


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  1. […] bad? It at least had a handful of great clips that we featured last year – Rella, Oldie and Sam (is Dead). Plus, I still count Frank Ocean as an OF member; and he certifiably killed […]

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