Watch This Now: Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra – “Want It Back”

“Like rats in a cage, pushed the button, get the shock trick…”

I’ve been a long-time admirer and supporter of Amanda Palmer through all her various guises. I was obsessed (read: OBSESSED) with The Dresden Dolls when I was about thirteeen or fourteen. Said obsession continues into Theatre is Evil, which will be Amanda’s first proper album since 2008’s Who Killed Amanda Palmer? She’s brought in a new backing band, The Grand Theft Orchestra, and they all seem like very charming fuckers indeed. And what better way to introduce them than via the glory of the music video medium?

When Amanda hosted rage a few years back, she recalled being obsessed with the Duran Duran video for Girls on Film. The reason? “The tits.” Naturally. So it’s great to see, several decades on, that the love of the tits thrive in the Want it Back video. Hell, let’s not forget that it’s seen within the first 30 seconds of the damn thing. It’s not really as confronting as Girls on Film, though – this is much more playful and fun. The lyrics of the entire song are sprawled throughout the clip – but not in a karaoke style. Rather, they’re turned into both body and street art. Oh yes, Amanda’s entire body is covered in the lyrics – even her tongue! Across hundreds of photographs, the clip is some kind of kerrazy magic that will serve as a reminder of what was so great about AFP and her work to begin with.

So yes. Album’s out in September. Keen. You should be to.


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