Two years of videos.

Hey everyone, David here.

It’s a freezing Thursday night, and I’m sitting here in the same study where I nervously came up with the idea of a new music blog with a twist – all music videos, all the time. Crazy idea, but look at us now – I’ve got a great community of people that are regular visitors and a network of supporters from across the globe. It’s really awesome and inspiring. I still love music videos as much as I ever have, and it’s so awesome to have this blog still going strong in that time.

This is thanks to EVERYONE who has supported this blog in any way, shape or form. Shared a link, left a comment, even just read an entry. I appreciate all of it so much. I know even at 2 years it’s still early days, but I genuinely love this blog so much. We’ll be back to regular posting next week. And that’s a PROMISE.

Thanks again, good night!

– David


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