Watch This Now: Death Grips – “Double Helix”

“The rail to the road, we run like scum, drop it on the one…”

Where did that week go? I know that’s happened a bit too often for my liking, but last week was mental. Apologies, dudes. OK, enough sentimentality – let’s fucking talk about Death Grips, dudes. How about this? The brash and aggressive trio have dropped a series of unconventional videos and experiments in support of their latest album, The Money Store. Of all of their great clips, however, I think I’ve really come to love this one the most. Amazingly, it’s also a video that would have cost them roughly nothing to make. Hell, the budget is so small on this one that MC Ridecouldn’t even afford a shirt!

Our hero, aformentioned MC Ride, is sprawled out behind the back of a car. He hasn’t been hit, though – the premise of this video is that he spits the whole damn track directly into the camera that the car has installed that make sure you can see what’s behind you when you’re backing up. Safety cameras have never felt so dangerous, I tell you what – Ride punches the thing, screams at the thing and, at one point, thrusts directly into the thing. I’ll just say that this video becomes a lot more entertaining when you realise that one of the top comments reads “I wish that the camera was my pussy.” Oh boy, the ladies love a bit of Death Grips. You will, too, I hope. It goes it goes it goes it goes it goes…


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