Watch This Now: Motion City Soundtrack – “True Romance”

“You’re Chicken Little, I’m a monkey in the middle…”

Hey dudes! Will only be able to manage to sneak in a post a day this week, as I’m exceptionally busy. Really glad I have the chance to share this one with you guys, though – it’s the newie from Chicago pop-punk dudes Motion City Soundtrack, who we haven’t heard from since 2010’s My Dinosaur Life. The new album, Go, is a real treat; but the standout is easily the lead single, the adorable True Romance. Now I get to write about it! Happy happy, joy joy!

In this little adventure, an office worker is having a difficult time getting through the day. His coworker is chewing his ear off about mundane shit, and then his boss comes in out of nowhere to deliver a stack of paperwork that will probably make sure he misses lunch. What a drag! There’s only one thing for it people. “A backwards adventure?” Why yes, dear reader – exactly that! I loved this video for a variety of reasons, specifically that it reminded me of the amazing fan video of They Might Be GiantsCan’t Keep Johnny Down video from last year. It follows a similar theme before throwing in a helluva twist. All I’ll say is watch out for the tattooed babe – she ain’t what she seems!


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