FEATURED FRIDAYS: My Favourite Video – Jordan Wilson

Jordan Wilson is a Melbourne-based musician,
best known as one half of the band Georgia Fair.

His favourite video is Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ by Bob Dylan.

It’s more of a short film, really. It manages to haunt and excite all the senses in me at once. The blue tones that run through it complements the song. I alway imagine Bob himself as the main character.

I remember walking through a bar in North Carolina one night. The barmaid was a local girl – pretty, but looked as if she would have your balls if you looked at her sideways. Something caught my attention on the screen above the bar. It looked like pure erotic chaos. I didn’t realise at the time that the video matched the song that was booming out of the jukebox. Looked more like a film to me. Of course, Dylan, a song I hadn’t heard before, “Beyond Here Lies Nothin.” The couple on the screen were beating each other to a pulp. Got me thinking I should ask this bar girl in front of me for a drink. I never did, though.

Some years later I stumbled across that video again and wondered about that girl; wondered whether she was thinking the same thing as me. Either way, I didn’t pay for a drink that night.

Georgia Fair‘s album, All Through Winter, is out now.

They will be playing two headlining shows in Sydney and Melbourne this July. For more details, visit www.georgiafair.com.au


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