Watch This Now: Twin Shadow – “Five Seconds”

“You don’t believe in me, so how could you make me cry?”

Here’s a really interesting one. Twin Shadow, aka George Lewis Jr., is an artist I wasn’t really familiar with up until very recently. I’d heard a lot of great things about his new video, and its feature over on Music Video of the Day had piqued my interest. This definitely wasn’t what I was expecting, either musically or visually. Both are fantastic, though, and I’m really excited to share this one with you. It’s a high-concept visual feast, and one that I’m sure is going to take Lewis and his music to the next level.

The story, created by Lewis himself, revolves around a two-man bikie gang that live on the edge and are showing signs that they’re about to tip over. That said, they have a bond that’s unbreakable – if one is in trouble, the other will come to their aid no questions asked.Five Seconds revolves around such a scenario, that involves some very graphic and intense slow-mo violence. As I said, not what I was expecting at all – but I’m so glad it happened. It’s shot beautifully and is a wonderfully dark experiment.Best of all, the ending leaves it wide open for a sequel. Can’t wait!


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