Watch This Now: MC Lars – “Flow Like Poe”

“Flow like Poe, I’m going hard on that tetrameter…”

I kinda dropped off the radar with MC Lars for awhile there. As much as I loved his 2009 album This Gigantic Robot Kills, I hadn’t heard anything more about what happened from there. Apparently, I’ve got a bit of work to do – there’s been a slew of stuff released between then and now, including his latest experiment entitled The Edgar Allen Poe EP. Any Lars fan could tell you one of his most-loved tracks is The Raven, a hip-hop retelling of one of Poe’s best-known poems. He’s now expanded on his love of EAP in some new tracks, including this one with a delightfully low-budget video.

Complete with fake moustache and a stuffed toy raven, Lars shows us that even though poetry has always been somewhat uncool (you probably groaned studying it in English classes, amirite?), there’s a great connection to hip-hop that can’t be ignored. Add in a sample of Pachebel’s Canon in D and a tinny club beat and you’ve got a very entertaining look at connecting the dots. Lars clearly had a lot of fun with this one – I particularly love the generic gangster dudes and the varying close-ups of the poetry-induced booty-shaking. Now you just KNOW your next sonnet is gonna get you laid.


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