Watch This Now: Best Coast – “The Only Place”

“We’ve got the ocean, got the babes, got the sun, we got the waves…”

Did you forget who Best Coast were? If you did, how? Do you have short-term memory loss? What the shit? Regardless, the band themselves are understanding. They’ve done an entire video to help you with your struggle. Hey, it quite literally helps them get their name out there, and you get to jam the lovely title track to their new album while the process is taking place. How about that? That’s something everyone can enjoy, right?

In their first video since the Drew Barrymore-directed Our Deal, Bethany Cosetino and Bobb Bruno have a pretty simple agenda. They tag their name on a stack of shit and then trash it. What shit, you ask? There’s bikes, drums, guitars, coffee mugs, burgers, old TVs…it’s the weirdest garage sale ever, my friends. Of course, with the song itself being an ode to California lurve, the obligatory shots of the highway and the beach are thrown in. Gosh, they’re pretty, though; that’s one thing you can’t take away from scenery like that. It’s overused for a reason – it’s shit like that that’ll make you want to pack your bags and go for broke. I’m also pretty stoked that there’s a brief scene in which Bruno is wearing a Dune Rats shirt. That means you made it, guys! Woohoo!


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