Watch This Now: Fiona Apple – “Every Single Night”

“These ideas of mine percolate the mind, trickle down the spine…”

It’s a pretty good sign that the first video Fiona Apple has done in roughly six years begins with a shot of her, waifish and exhausted, staring straight into the camera with those ridiculously big eyes… with an octopus on top of her head. It’s never acknowledged, it just sits there, doing its thing. Yes, friends, Fiona Apple is still completely crazy – and don’t you just love her for it? The eccentric Apple has been out of the game for a long time following the release of her third album, Extraordinary Machine, back in 2005, with only rare glimpses back into the music world happening between then and now. Thankfully, it was all very much worth the extended wait.

Regina Spektor might have known how to make a great video out of limited supply last week, but Fiona goes one better. All she needs are some light bulbs, a minotaur mask, a hotel bed and a handful of giant bugs. That’s probably worth mentioning, by the way: Paris – or, at least, Apple’s version of Paris – is overrun with giant snails and squids. Why not? She’s too busy to notice, of course. Who could blame her? There’s things to do, like be puppeteered in a pond full of crocodiles, carry a human brain inside a handbag, sing emphatically into a fishtank and snuggle up next to the dude in the minotaur mask. Busy times indeed, friends. A gorgeously weird clip that will hopefully serve as a positive light leading into the fourth record, The Idler Wheel. It just leaked, by the way. I won’t link it, but you might want to get on that.


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