Watch This Now: We Have Band – “Tired of Running”

“Can’t change the way you’re made, nature will nurture you…”

Some groovy stuff from the U.K. for your Wednesday morning, boys and girls! The wonderfully named We Have Band recently dropped their second album, Ternion, and have brought one of its booming, post-punk-flavoured dance numbers to life with a video that, fittingly enough, involves a lot of running. Not enough to make one tired of it, though…ey? Ey? Okay, okay, I’ll stop; I’m so sorry you had to witness that.

The video starts off unpromisingly, looking as though the trio will be performing in the middle of a forest for some reason. I’ve never gotten that – why do so many bands have videos of themselves playing in a forest? There’s no electricity! Regardless, that’s another rant for another day – and, needless to say, it doesn’t last long. There’s smoke bombs to evade and slow-motion running to be done – perhaps the band fleeing the scene of their instruments is a commentary on those generic videos? Ahh, I’m probably reading too much into it. Whatever the case, this is gorgeously shot and very well-timed. A lot of the time, slow-motion parts in videos can seem superfluous and not matched up to the song, and yet even with the uptempo nature of Tired of Running, this matches up really, really well. A great clip from an act I’m hoping will be making the trip back to Australia really soon. Parklife, maybe?


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