Watch This Now: Jonathan Boulet – “This Song is Called Ragged”

“Think you’re going that way, but you’re not at all…”

Can you believe Jonathan Boulet has only done three solo music videos? With his kind of layered, densely-populated indie creating an aesthetic within itself, it surprises me that so few of his tracks have been brought to life visually. Still, what a way to make them count – his latest venture, the first video from new album We Keep the Beat…, is essentially a slice of artistic insanity pulled off by a team of weirdos who simply couldn’t have poor Jono singing and playing in a white room. Fuck that. There’s way cooler shit to do.

Like what, you ask? Oh, gee, I dunno, how about exploding televisions? Wine? Creepy dolls? Exploding humans? Running in slow motion (what’s up, We Have Band?)? Beards? That’s just a handful of things that appear in the This Song is Called Ragged video – and all of it is a complete joy to watch. Trying to make comprehensive sense of it all is a futile experiment, friends – it’s all about the arresting visuals and the provocative non-sequitors that follow in the clip. More of this, please. As soon as you possibly can, preferably. Oh yeah, and Jono’s going on tour at the end of the month. Attend the shit out of his shows. I know I will.


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