Watch This If You Dare: The Rasmus – “Stranger”

“I can’t believe that it’s over, I lost this one tonight…”

Hey, guys! Remember 2004? I sure as shit do. One of the many things that happened in 2004 was a Finnish pop/rock band called The Rasmus, who finally hit the big time with a worldwide hit, In the Shadows, after years of obscurity everywhere except their homeland. Of course, it didn’t last – most have assumed that the band split up or went back to digging ditches or whatever. Alas, no, they’ve kept making this music THIS ENTIRE TIME. Their latest self-titled album is their eighth album. Wuh? Wah? Heh? OK, now we’ve been dealt that blow, here’s another: While In the Shadows was a catchy slice of mall-goth pop, this is U2-aping radio rock at its most tragic. Oh, and it gets worse.

A modern-day parody/homage to Depeche Mode‘s Enjoy the Silence, vocalist Lauri Ylönen wondering around wearing a cape and a crown. Exactly why he’s doing that is never quite explained, and it doesn’t seem to really symbolise anything. It seems like it’s meant to represent some kind of isolation or loneliness or a lack of belonging or some shit. Now, the teenage angst thing is a big go-to for a lot of pop and rock music, but let’s not forget that Lauri is thirty-three years old. It’s got to stop somewhere, surely. This is truly cringeworthy as an attempt to get back on the charts, and I can only assume it’s going to crash and burn something chronic.


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