Watch This Now: Barry Morgan – “Big Bossa”

“Oh, Barry…”

Why hello there, shoppers! Welcome to our final new video post of the week, and what a spectacular note to leave you on. For those of you living under a Casio, Barry Morgan is the larger-than-life Adelaide-based persona who owns and runs Barry Morgan’s World of Organs. He got a big break on Spicks and Specks and has never looked back since – his camp style and his big toothy grin have won over audiences all across this great land of ours. Does this quench Barry’s thirst for domination? Like shit it does. He’s moved on to the world of music videos – at LAST, an excuse to profess my love!

Barry is presented here lost in a world of his beloved Hammond organ, jamming out some wonderfully kitschy tunes. Honestly, if the video consisted entirely of this it would already be a five-star creation – yet it manages to get better. A dance couple attempt to groove along, until Barry manages to  seduce them both – the male via the organ itself and the lady via his own insatiable charm. Wheel and deal, Bazza, wheel and deal. A delightfully charming and very funny video that will entertain anyone that has fallen to Mr. Morgan’s charms – so, essentially, a video that will entertain anyone.


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