FEATURED FRIDAYS – My Favourite Video: Kirin J Callinan

Kirin J Callinan is an Australian musician, best known for his time
for his work with Mercy Arms and Jack Ladder, as well as
his own solo material.

His favourite video is I Want Your Love by Superstar and Star.

He is “SUPERSTAR,” his wife is “STAR”.

He is from Trinidad. Now lives at 15112 LINCOLN CIR OMAHA NE 68154 USA with his wife and daughter. His phone number is 402 953 3304. He wants you to call him.

Deliberate & self aware, or completely deluded? One can’t be sure.

I choose to believe in his genius.

Inspired & inspirational.

He has a refined process & dedication. Like Arthur Russell or Suicide.

There are hundreds of videos. Take the time, but in MEASURED DOSES, say, no more than three or four in a sitting. Don’t wanna O/D.

Kirin’s new single, Way II War, is out now. It can be streamed via Soundcloud here.

Kirin will be on tour at the end of the month. For tour dates, as well as a link to purchase the Way II War 7-inch, head over to http://siberiarecords.com/


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  1. […] – this time the brilliantly weird new video from Kirin J Callinan. This sonic adventurer has been a guest on the blog before, but we’ve never actually had the time to feature one of his videos. Which is a shame, and a […]

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