Watch This Now: The Black Keys – “Gold on the Ceiling”

“Roar at the door, my mind can’t take much more…”

You have to hand it to The Black Keys – these motherfuckers refuse to go down without a fight. I though that hope might have been lost with the release of the first official video for Gold on the Ceiling a few months ago – I feared that it might have been their Use Somebody moment, so to speak. “Look at us playing a show! Rock and roll!” Yeuck. Please. Thankfully, the band have shown that they refuse to completely sell out just yet with one of the most disturbing videos of the year – that happens to also make it one of the best.

On what appears to be a home video, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney are part of what feels like an experimental art school filming featuring giant paper mache versions of themselves. They are attached to said giant versions, appearing to be the baby versions of themselves. Yeah, no fucking shit. It’s mental. That said, it also shows that the band are always going to be the outsiders of mainstream rock. They’re never going to be cool, or fashionable, or hip or whatever the fuck else bands that massive are supposed to be. They’re dorks that are obssessed with the blues, and with alienating their audience. Dance, minions, dance!


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