Watch This Now: Urthboy feat. Daniel Merriweather – “Naive Bravado”

“Come with me, get hypnotized, free you from a troubled mind…”

I’ve expressed my adoration for everything Elefant Traks several times on this blog. I don’t always agree with their decisions – particularly when it comes to their merch – but when it comes down to their artists and the way that they carry themselves I’ve got nothing but love. Urthboy is one of the top dogs at the label, normally a part of The Herd, and it looks like he’ll be dropping a new solo record this year. His last, Spitshine, was incredibly underrated, which makes me hope that this new LP will be just as good (if not better), but get the attention that it deserves. If Naive Bravado is anything to go by, old mate should be in the clear.

There’s a few things that I love about the Naive Bravado video. Firstly, the use of colour – yes, it’s a black-and-white video, but pay close attention to how an occasional burst of colour will flash past quite literally in a puff of smoke. It emphasises some great moments in the video. I also love how much is conveyed between the two main characters without even saying a word – the looks of purpose, the weight of their emotions, the aggression. It’s a video that comes from a dark place, but one that works entirely in its favour. This won’t please everyone, although part of me can’t help but think that’s sort of the point.


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