Watch This Now: Nine Eleven – “Revolution Tonight !”

“The smile of the doomed on his lips, he swears to take them with us…”

Normally, we don’t post too much about French post-hardcore around these parts – mainly because we never really hear about it. Thankfully, an absolutely awesome slice of it has landed on our desk (OK, it’s just the study attached to my garage) that is too exciting not to share. Here’s all I know: They’re called Nine Eleven, they released a new album in January and they’re from a very peculiar scene of European hardcore which, to them, would surely feel very counter culture. I think that’s why I’m drawn to it – that, and this is an excellent video.

As an elderly man drifts off to sleep, he visualises a black-and-white world of life during wartime. Although I’m unfamiliar with the stock footage used – I think it might be from a movie? – it manages to work with the song brilliantly, its slower pace working with the rushing intensity of the track. It’s a very simple video with great execution, and it’s intrigued me to the point where I am very interested in seeing what else this band has to offer. That’s the power of the music video medium, people – don’t fuck with it!


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