Watch This If You Dare: Machine Gun Kelly feat. Esther Dean – “Invincible”

“When they feel this, they feel me, but I can’t feel nothin’ outside these Dre Beats…”

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh boy. Okay. So. You remember how earlier today I showed you Urthboy? Good, right? Great hip-hop act. I decided, just for your lunchtime, that I’d flip that around and show you some fucking terrible hip-hop from a scrawny redneck rat that got booed at WrestleMania. Yes, boys and girls, this guy got booed by people that think professional wrestling is real. THAT’S how bad he is. This is trash Eminem-wannabe bullshit, but it’s done with such conviction and faux-anger that it goes beyond the valley of annoying into plain old frustration.

Here’s what happens in Invincible: Machine Gun Kelly stands around looking angry. Meanwhile, a girl gets pregnant, a preacher breaks down in a sermon and a dude gets his arse kicked in someone else’s yard. It might sound like I’m making this shit up off the top of my head, but I swear by the many arms of Vishnu that it’s all real. It’s like Michael Bay took a shit somewhere and MGK went in after him, searching after the corniest parts. What more can you say about this talentless anorexic? Doofuses like him give hip-hop a bad name and I’m so sorry I had to drag it all the way through the dirt just to bring you this.


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