Watch This Now: Keane – “Sovereign Light Cafe”

“I’m begging you for some sign, but you still got nothing to say…”

Hey, everyone! Welcome back – and welcome to June! Amazing that we’re here already, no? It’s pretty hectic. Sorry for the lack of posts these past few weeks, it’s just been a crazy series of events that have unfortunately meant that I’ve had to stray from this world of music videos. Let’s not dwell on the past, though – right here and now, we’ve got another new Keane video to watch!

Yes, I’m remarkably biased when it comes to these mopey English lads, and I have no shame in admitting that. They’re being featured on the blog today for a couple of reasons. One of them is that keyboardist and chief songwriter Tim Rice-Oxley had a birthday over the weekend, so hooray for that! The second is that this new video – coincidentally, also soundtracking my favourite song from their Strangeland album – really struck a chord with me. The video basically revolves around life in the quiet seaside town in which the original members of Keane first came together. It comes across as a disconnected community, where you have to find your own escape and make your own entertainment.

I see myself in a lot of the people here – riding bikes, playing music, going for walks purely to relieve the boredom. I also take in the beauty of places like these, which you always take for granted when you’re growing up. You never really gain an appreciation for it until you’re a little bit older. So maybe that’s why I think Sovereign Light Cafe is so lovely. Make of it what you will.


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