Watch This Now: Royal Headache – “Girls”

“I wait, oh she waits, does she wait for me?”

To see a band rise from nothing into something truly remarkable is something I almost always find really inspiring – especially if I’ve been a witness to it. Seeing Royal Headache go from in-stores and house shows to sell-out gigs and international demand is truly satisfying – this is a band that deserves every last cent of their success both here and abroad. To celebrate their amazing run this past 12 months or so, they’ve put out a very cool clip for Girls, originally from their self-titled seven-inch and re-recorded for their self-titeld debut album. Yeah, not big on names, this lot. And I prefer the seven-inch version, but that’s neither here nor there.

With the 95 seconds or so the band has to work with, they’ve slapped together a bunch of tour and party footage – mostly the band being silly buggers while out on the open road. And there’s not a damn thing wrong with that, thanks all the same. I also don’t know if it’s an effect or they actually used Super 8, but the whole thing just looks awesome. Very boho-chic, he said as he stroked his pretentious mustache. I totally recognise one of the girls in this video, too; that one with the glasses and the curly brown hair. I saw her at a bunch of gigs and was all “wow, she’s really pretty” and, naturally, didn’t do a damn thing about it. Classic me. Wait, what? Why are you still here? Go watch the damn video already.

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