Watch This Now: Dappled Cities – “Run with the Wind”

“We walk around in circles starry eyed, for all the boys and girls alike…”

Hi, how are you, good weekend, etc. Let’s skip the formalites, kids – we’ve got some damn videos to watch! First cab of the rank is a clip I’ve been meaning to check out for ages but am now finally getting around to – the new jam from eternally-cool Sydney dudes Dappled Cites. They’ve been away for yonks, but thanks to some pretty high-profile supports for TV on the Radio and Death Cab for Cutie they’re back on the comeback trail. This right here is lifted from their as-yet-untitled new record – and it looks like we’re in for a scorcher if this is anything to go by.

The racetrack has decreased in popularity quite a bit for music videos lately – maybe it’s because the last Aussie one, End of Fashion’s O Yeah, made it all seem so daggy? Whatever the case, Dappled have put together a peculiar quest for kicks from a young, blonde Laura Marling lookalike with their own niche area of quirky art-school conceptuality – and all within the surrounds of motorcross. Shiny, shiny bikes and all other kinds of cool shit. You know what’s up. I like the warped slow-motion, which seemingly locks up to the music – it makes the whole thing feel like a complete trip, and adds a cool effect to an already weird video. See what you think.


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