Watch This Now: Maxïmo Park – “Hips and Lips”

“You’re a puzzle to me, and you always will be…”

If you ask me – and, if you’re reading this blog, you clearly have – there are few bands of the post-punk revival of the mid-2000s that were/are more underrated than Maxïmo Park. This is a band that had a string of remarkable singles attached to three solid albums, and yet they were never revered or held in the same light as The Libertines or Franz Ferdinand or whomever have you. Still, they still have a solid fan-base around the world – not a big one, but large enough to substantiate an excited blogger getting really, really keen for their new album The National Health. Big enough, too, to include a couple of obsessive fans.

Once such fanatic is portrayed here by This is England star Thomas Turgoose, who sits at his computer in his bedroom; which also serves as his shrine to Maxïmo. The video is styled as a “gift” to the band – a DIY, webcam-shot music video featuring a mini-trampoline, a Rubix cube and band members represented by cardboard cutouts of their face… attached to sex dolls. Does it get any weirder than that? I’m glad you asked. It does. I won’t give it away, but there is one particularly wonderful cameo from a Maxïmo member. Lordy lord, next month can’t come quickly enough. More Maxïmo! More!


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