Watch This Now: Willow Smith – “Do It Like Me (Rockstar)”

“When I take off my shades, don’t be shocked by my age, I’m taking over the game…”

How about it? After a bit of time away from the spotlight, we’re right back to Willow Smith reclaiming her throne at the forefront of tween-pop. Sure, she’s practically peerless, but when you release something as batshit-crazy/pant-shittingly-awesome as Whip My Hair, you practically create your own spectrum that revolves around it. Although her later singles haven’t quite managed to capture that lightning in a bottle, this newie feels as though it’s her best post-Whip effort to date – and the shamelessly cheesy video emphasises that for me.

For someone with disposable pocket money, it’s quite interesting that they’ve gone for a considerably low-budget affair. All we’re getting, essentially, is young Willow goofing off in-front of the camera, dancing a bit and showing off that she’s been to Europe (take a look at some of the tourist locations in the background). There’s not much to it at all, and it’s this shying away from the big, shiny norm that makes this clip so watchable. I’m also a complete sucker for the myriad of hairstyles that Willow boasts – what can I say, they’re adorable! This is little more than a sugar rush for simple minds, but if loving this clip is wrong then I have decided that I no longer want to be right. About anything. Consider my hair whipped in both directions.


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