Watch This Now: Tellison – “Freud Links the Teeth and the Heart”

“It hurts when I close my mouth, pain comes out…”

Meet Tellison. They’re from the U.K, they’ve got thick accents and melt-in-your-mouth harmonies; and I may – just may – have found my new favourite band. With a new record, The Wages of Fear, set for release next month, they’ve brought their clever and slightly off-kilter new single to visual life – and the results are almost guaranteed to make you fall even deeper in love with these charming young bastards.

Set at a dentist, all four of the members of Tellison are in the waiting room, crooning in perfect harmony to the gorgeous young receptionist and each with their own set of teeth problems. We also get minor insight into the lives of a mustachioed patient and a lovelorn (read: slightly psychopathic) dentist. It’s all very twee and whimsical and whatever have you – but I’ll be damned to Hades if it isn’t one of the cutest videos I’ve seen all year. Maybe you shall love it as much as me. Maybe you won’t. And maybe if you don’t, maybe you should get some of your pearly whites yanked out by the crazy doctor. Just a suggestion, of course.

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  1. No reply necessary | Reply

    ‘The Wages of Fear’ was released last summer! But everything else is spot on!

  2. […] Read my original post on Freud Links the Teeth and the Heart here. […]

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