Watch This Now: Kate Miller-Heidke – “I’ll Change Your Mind”

“One night I slept outside your house in my car, and it was freezing…”

Am I alone in thinking that pop music is just that much more exciting when it’s slightly dangerous? Call me crazy, but I’ll take spice over sugar any day – just on the off-chance that something wonderful is happening. This cloud-talk leads me to Kate Miller-Heidke, who has moved out of her comfort zone in recent years to bring some joyously weird pop music. It was especially promiment last year in her side-project, Fatty Gets a Stylist, and that slightly-mental style has wormed its way into her new album, Nightflight, which is currently standing unopposed as my album of the year. KMH’s last couple of videos have been sweet but also quite boring – s’up, Caught in the Crowd and Last Day on Earth? This here, though, is where shit gets real.

Beautiful Kate stars as a well-intentioned psychopath that won’t take “no” for an answer with her so-called boyfriend, who’s placed a restraining order against her. She ends up out the front of his house, and eventually breaks in, steals his jeans and creates dolls to reflect the two of them happy together. Really happy together. It’s all kind of kooky and sweet up until the grand finale. It’s this closing act that had the video taken off YouTube for re-classification for 2 weeks, with a watered-down version in its place. I couldn’t be happier with the real thing – hopefully you’ll be the same.


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