Watch This If You Dare: Soundgarden – “Live to Rise”

I didn’t want this to happen. Normally, you’ll hear me bigging up Soundgarden like nobody’s business – Superunknown deserves its status as one of the definitive rock records of the 90s, Chris Cornell can still strip paint off walls with his voice and they were actually quite good at this year’s Big Day Out festival. The comeback trail has been quite kind to these guys – and then they go and spoil it all by doing something stupid like this song and video.

The track itself is bad enough, sounding like something Audioslave might have farted out as a b-side to a b-side. The video makes matters worse, however. Many a time I’ve emphasised how much I despise soundtrack videos, and this is surely one of the most cliched of recent years. The tacky performance with the blindingly sharp cinematography with what essentially looks like a trailer for The Avengers interspersed. This is just all-round laziness, which I guess was to be expected from this ugly exercise in corporate rock. Really, Soundgarden, this blows. And you know it blows.


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