Watch This Now: The Bamboos feat. Tim Rogers – “I Got Burned”

“I feel like I’m walking on fire when you’re talkin’, there’s smoke comin’ outta my head…”

With their dapper suits and big horns, The Bamboos have been the go-to funk house band for many years, jamming with a variety of vocalists along the way and scoring a sizzling live reputation. They’re about to drop a brand new record, Medicine Man, in about a month’s time; and they’ve heated up the promotional trail with a very simple but very peculiar new video.

Tim Rogers – of You Am I and general-fucking-legend fame – both takes the lead vocal and stars in this clip, getting up his acting chops and keeping busy with YAI on a break. Here, Rogers stars alongside bandleader Lance Ferguson as the two slowly drive to an empty house, wander around it and go to set fire to it. When it comes to the twist at the end, though, you’ll be questioning exactly what the hell they did – and how this came to be. Going through the video again for clues, I’m no more enlightened; and Rogers’ and Ferguson’s faces won’t give anything away. How peculiar. How enticing. How cool.


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