FEATURED FRIDAYS: Takin’ 5 – Beings Entering Anarchistic States Towards Internal Excellence

This week, we’re showing love to a group that have made major contributions over the years to making the music video more than just a promotional tool. The Beastie Boys allowed to make it a part of their identity, part of who they were as musicians. Whether they were working with Spike Jonze on some slice of insanity or developing their continuing relationship with mysterious director Nathaniel Hornblower, it’s safe to say that the Beastie’s videography is one to be revered. Here are five of their classics.

5. No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn

Most people will think of Take On Me or Never Gonna Give You Up for fabulously 80s videos. I tend to sway towards this one. The cheesy plot, the huge hair, the flying about like nobody’s business… this is a full-blown 80s party right here. What’s not to love?

4. Hey Ladies

Just as their Paul’s Boutique record was filled with samples and varying degrees of insanity, so too was the Hey Ladies video. From the mariachi band to the giant-arse costume worn by Adrock, this easily ranks as one of the craziest things the band has  ever put to video. Don’t go looking for meaning, you’ll go hungry. Just accept the insanity.

3. (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)

“I hope no baaaad people show up!” With that, one of the definitive pop videos of all time came to be. If you’ve never embraced the righteous, fist-wielding, cake-throwing, guitar-smashing, sunglasses-lowering genius of the FFYR video, it’s high-time ye emerged from that cave of yours and learned how to rock and/or roll.

2. Intergalactic

Here was my introduction to the Beastie Boys. Being caught up in their gargantuan sci-fi monster montage truly was a sight to behold for a boy of eight, still very new to the world of hip-hop and very much liking what I was hearing – not to mention what I was seeing. In their now-famous white outfits, the Beasties work their way through the city while a huge alien runs rampant in the city. Will the Boys save the day? What doyouthink?

1. Sabotage

Like shit we were going to miss this one! The cop show parody to end all other cop show parodies, Sabotage is a video that is often mimicked but never bettered. It’s a tale of love, hate, the workforce, sliding over car bonnets and fucking wonderful fake moustaches. It has better ideas in its first 45 seconds than you have ever had in your entire life. What a momentous, hilarious and brilliant video. A true classic.

UPDATE, MAY 5: It is with a heavy heart that Y,WGAV! hears of the passing of Adam Yauch, aka MCA. Read my small, humble tribute here.


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