Watch This Now: Nicki Minaj – “Starships”

“Fuck who you want, and fuck who you like, that’s our life, there’s no end in sight…”

It’s about this time that I stand up in front of the group that is seated in the bingo hall and circling me, muttering the phrase “Hi, I’m David – and I’m a huge Nicki Minaj fan.”

“Hi, David,” they all say back. It’s now my turn to explain exactly what has brought me to this therapy group for Barbz Anonymous. It all started with Monster, the fierce Kanye West posse cut in which she stole the show without anyone knowing who she was. I’ve seen her grow into one of the biggest pop stars in the world, and I think she’s earned every last dollar. She’s a vivacious, larger-than-life pop fanatic that blends a hip-hop background with electronica and rnb to create something with plentiful imiators but a sole successor – Nicki herself.

She can be hit and miss with her videos – her last one, Beez in the Trap, was honestly quite boring – but this flash of hyper, colourful nonsense gives me the exact same kind of giddy rush that came from the Super Bass video last year. This isn’t a place of intellect, visual metaphors and layered meaning. This is a pop jungle, full of fire, mountains and glorious, glorious tits. Incredibly good looking women, incredibly good looking men. If some of the more artsy videos on here are at the bottom of the food pyramid – healthiest and to be eaten the most often – then Starships is right up the top; a sugary treat that one is surely allowed to indulge in every now and then.

It’s not long after I finish explaining myself that I realise I’ve been talking to myself for most of the last paragraph. Barbz Anonymous have gone home. So I just put on the Starships video, and I giggle and dance. Things are good.


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