Watch This Now: Elizabeth Rose – “Ready”

“Somewhere there’s a melody, slicing through reality…”

Here’s something nice and trippy for your Thursday lunch in the form of a brand new clip from Sydney babe Elizabeth Rose. Did I say “babe”? Good. Because I bloody meant it. This young lady has continually impressed me with her huge voice and booming electronica-flavoured pop, and to finally have some visuals to go along with it is an absolute treat for me. I really couldn’t be happier with this clip for her latest single, Ready, which serves as a spot-on companion for one of her best tracks to date.

We often talk about how mundane the “performance” video is on this blog, and part of me is always in doubt when all a video consists of is a band playing their song in a room or whatever have you. With that said: unless you’ve done some seriously bad acid, you’ve never seen Rose perform like this. Footage from her launch show at the wonderful Goodgod Small Club in Sydney this past February has been warped, twisted, morphed, transmogrified… whatever you want to call it, shit gets weird in this video. The stunningly trippy visuals recall a Flaming Lips video, and it suits the vibe of the song perfectly. Would love to see something more conceptual and even weirder for the next video, but this will happily suffice for now.


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