Old Favourites: Broken Social Scene – “Fire Eye’d Boy”

“Let us burn back to life, to do it all again…”

I heard a rumour once that if you’re a musician in Canada, you’re legally obliged to be a part of Broken Social Scene. Let’s put it this way: If the first few Canadian indie rockers that spring to mind haven’t been in BSS, they know at least five musicians who have. Although they went on “hiatus” last year, their legacy still lives on through the many, many acts that spawned from it. I’m still working my way through their music, but I often and specificially come back to their self-titled record from 2005. This song is from it, and it ranks as easily the best video they have put out under the BSS name. It shouldn’t take long for you to figure out why.

I’m quick to draw comparisons to Yo La Tengo‘s classic video for Sugarcube. Most indie rock dudes and dudettes can’t act very well – and yet they often do it in their own clips to play up to that very fact. Such is certainly the case here, where the core of BSS goes into training – I believe to perform the song itself? Not quite sure, but it rolls along beautfully. Sports-montage parodies and a great cameo from Rush‘s Geddy Lee (more Canuck royalty!) seal the deal for this being a really funny and knowingly satirical clip. Shape up and enjoy it.


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