Watch This Now: Cub Scouts – “Do You Hear”

“Are you deaf and blind to all the turns and winds, a kingdom you cannot defend…”

Some indie pop joy coming straight outta Brisbane from Cub Scouts, the vehicle for the little songwriter that could, Tim Nelson. I’ve been following this kid since we were both in high school, keeping in touch through MySpace (no shit!) and to finally see him getting the attention that he deserves is really an awesome thing. As much as I loved their first single as Cub Scouts, Evie, I sadly couldn’t get as much into the video as I was hoping due to its similarities to ParadesLoserspeak in New Tongue clip that had come out some 6 months before. This time around, however, it’s a clip that I loved instantly.

Working with director Sam Rogers, the band plays escapee prisoners on what looks like the hippest jailbreak ever. They take off on old-people scooters, run in slow motion and play their instruments while getting their mug shots. It’s pretty awesome to see Tim despondently playing his tambourine while he’s in handcuffs and getting interrogated by the officer. They’ve put together a really sweet and clever video that is definitely worth a watch or three. See if you love them as much as I do. Just you wait and see.


2 responses

  1. […] keyboardist/vocalist/founder, once; but as I documented in their last video release for Do You Hear, he was a big part of my MySpace upbringing in terms of music – and I have no idea where […]

  2. […] I’m blogging about little Tim Nelson so many years after the fact – see either of my previous posts about CS – and with his crew of baby-faced bandmates, he really is going from strength […]

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