Watch This Now: Blood Orange – “Champagne Coast”

“Finishing eight or nine, tell me what’s the perfect time…”

Do you think Blood Orange will EVER break more than double digits on a music video budget? Their last kitschy escapade, Forget It, was a super-simple video filmed entirely on VHS. This time around, Dev Hynes has gone for a late-90s internet feeel, creating a virtual reality that feels as camp and outdated as the official Space Jam website. Yeah, go and look it up. It still exists.

Anyways, the scene is set in a high-rise apartment, with plenty of luxurious items and gorgeous women spread about the place. The catcher is this: it’s all 2D. Well, 3D technically, but it’s been stretched out from 2D to appear 3D. Does that make sense? It all comes together when you view the clip. It’s so late 90s that it even lags in parts, just to add that comically ironic “futuristic” look. This is a completely naff video, but it’s done so unashamedly that it kind of becomes brilliant. Who’d have thunk it, right? If Dev can keep making videos this good for this cheap, he’s set. He’s back in the country at the end of next month for shows opening for Florence + The Machine. Flo fans, proceed at your own risk. Everyone else, get thee to a dancefloor!


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