FEATURED FRIDAYS – My Favourite Video: Michael Chamberlin

Michael Chamberlin is an Australian stand-up comedian
and writer, best known for his time on
skitHOUSE, The Mansion
Rove Live.

His favourite video is Addicted to Bass by Puretone.

There are a number of gaps in my music knowledge. Just recently, I asked a friend about a particular singer only to be told, “That isn’t a person, that’s the name of the track.” That’s what you get when you’re addicted to Melbourne based 24-hour sports radio.

But I do have a favourite clip, it’s Addicted to Bass by Puretone, conceived and directed by a mate of mine called Jolyon Watkins. It’s one man’s tribute to his treasured Mad Max; in fact, I think Jolyon probably spends most of his time trying to work out how he can pay tribute to his treasured Mad Max.

Frenetic and stylised with a dash of Keystone Cops, if there was an award for “best performance by a man towing a caravan who realises he’s blocking the path of a high speed pursuit,” surely this clip would win.

Michael has just finished up a season at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for his show Joy and Despair.

For more information on Michael and his upcoming shows, head to his official Facebok page.


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