Watch This Now: Cloud Nothings – “Stay Useless”

“Nothing I could do would make things change, I am stuck in here…”

Here’s an interesting one: Cloud Nothings are an act I was previously indifferent about, mainly due to their cutesy light surf-rock not doing a great deal for my senses. Their third album, Attack on Memory, has completely changed that – they’ve eliminated the room of squares and delivered a feisty, biting and downright exciting record. So, too, have the videos improved – while their video last year for Should Have was a sepia-toned feel-good splash of mushy generic hipsterisms,Stay Uselessdares to delve beneath the surface – and that alone should make it essential viewing if you’re a fan.

Teaming up with director and animator Jack Kubizne, the Stay Useless video revolves around the twisted imagination of a little boy on the bus. The lyrics go from their face value to describing this character’s own inner turmoil. Just what the hell is going on as his world – potentially even his reality – warps and distorts around him? Is it all his doing? Is it simply a matter of his own pure imagination? It’s hard to say, but it certainly results in a very clever and very entertaining music video. Get amongst it.


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