Watch This Now: Dan Mangan – “Post-War Blues”

“What they don’t know, they won’t mind, find them a foe for the fight…”

Look out, Art vs. Science – looks like your record is getting nipped at the feet. AvS may have six posts on this blog to their favour, but Dan Mangan is now in second place with five – this here post included – and it’s worth mentioning there’s a very good reason for this silver medal. Mangan is a creative mind and a wandering spirit – to my ears and heart, one of the most brilliant people working in music today, not just within the restrictive “folk rock” tag. I’m a huge fan, and he serves as one of my greatest musical inspirations. He continued to blaze this trail with his excellent third album, Oh Fortune, last year; but his great mind for bringing his songs to visual life had lead us to a great new clip to one of my favourite songs he’s ever done.

Post-War Blues sees a circle of politicians coming together, seemingly out of sheer boredom, to start a war (as suggested in the opening lyric of the song). The “War on Evil” is revolted against by the children it affects, as everything that they love and express themselves through is taken away from them. Hell no, we ain’t gonna take it! Fuck that! The rebellion is a beautiful thing, and it adds another layer of excellence to this song – as if it needed more. Essentially, if you’re not a Fangan, you’re nothin’. Now get to watchin’.


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  1. […] is that Dan bloody Mangan? Again? What is this, your sixth time here? We must really like you, Dan. Not many other people get that kind of love around these parts. There must be something in […]

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