Watch This Now: Keane – “Disconnected”

“Something’s crept in under our door, silence soaking through the floor…”

It wasn’t long ago that I was discussing my naff heroes from across the pond, Keane. With their new album, Strangeland, set for release next month, they’ve dropped a brand new video in the interim, the second single to be lifted from the album. I didn’t feature their first video, Silenced by the Night, for as much as I liked the song, I found the video a bit plain. They’ve thankfully answered my prayers, however, and put together a clip that’s quite out of their comfort zone – in all the best ways, of course.

Here, the band have gone for a vintage thriller/horror feel, complete with opening and end credits. With some gorgeous cinematography, we’re drawn into this freakish alternate reality where you’re never quite certain whether the people in it are dreaming or are awake. Some great editing smashes all these ideas and similar scenes together to create this dizzying mind-funk, which is definitely not a term I’d ever have used in relation to the band or their videos prior to that. Disconnected¬†is a great romp, its cheesiness living proof that the band don’t take themselves nearly as seriously as you think they do.


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