Watch This Now: Garfunkel and Oates – “My Apartment’s Very Clean Without You”

“Got an extra key to my door now, your underwear’s not on my floor now…”

Here’s something delightfully bittersweet to start off the week, coming from the adorable Garfunkel and Oates, a comedy-rock duo out of the States consisting of Riki Lindhome (on your left) and Kate Miccuci (yes, that’s Gooch from Scrubs). Despite having quite a few videos up on YouTube, they rarely do “official” clips to their songs – their last came with the Republican policy parody Sex with Ducks. Of all the songs from their latest record, Slippery When Moist, I was perhaps surprised the most that this was the song they went with. For what it’s worth,though, upon watching the video, I think they made the right choice.

My Apartment’s Very Clean Without You is adorable. Depicting a messy breakup – literally, with the moving of houses and whatnot – the video is an animation from first-timer Deanna Rooney. The concept is simple, but also slightly twisted – all of the lyrical references to inanimate objects are brought to life by cartoon cats of all things. Yeah, I didn’t quite get it, either. Who am I to argue, though, when it’s all done so damn sweetly? I loved watching this video, and although I don’t normally enjoy their quasi-serious songs, I garnered a newfound appreciation for what these ladies do through this clip. Lovely stuff.


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  1. Sex with Ducks is from their album All Over Your Face and that video came out years ago. They’ve made many official music videos since then. There are two other music videos from this album, “Save the Rich” and “I Don’t Understand Job”. Also, the cats are there because they’re supposed to be single cat ladies in the video.

    1. Y’know, for a comedy act, you’re taking everything quite seriously…

      – David

  2. Haha, not trying to! I was just browsing and read this and noticed a few things wrong. They’re a really great act! Why not share some accurate info about them?

    1. I just posted to the best of my knowledge. Sorry it wasn’t up to your standards.

      – David

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