Watch This Now: OFF! – “Wiped Out”

“I’m wiped out! I’M WIPED OUT!”

Self-described as “the new old guys on the block,” OFF! have been tearing the hardcore punk scene apart as a collective unit for only a short amount of time, and yet have already knocked out four EPs and their debut album, set for release next month. To celebrate, here is the first single, which clocks in at a whopping 74 seconds and features a video that shoves far more into its running time than should physically be possible. Crazy, but hey – that’s OFF! for you.

Described as a celebration of west coast punk culture, Wiped Out gives us shots of slam pits, stacks on skateboards, making out and a bit of surfing for good measure. It’s not quite idealistic and it’s not quite nostalgic. It’s simply a quick montage of the thing that the guys in OFF! love – and really, what’s wrong with that? Works for me, at least. There’s also footage of the band playing live – and if you’ve ever seen them play, you’ll know that they mean business when that shit goes down. The debut album can’t come fast enough. Let’s trash this place.


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