Watch This Now: Cursive – “This House Alive”

“Wispy whispers fill the cabinets, filled with tawny photographs…”

It’s been three years between drinks for shouty Nebraskans Cursive, who released one of the finer records of 2009 in Mama, I’m Swollen; additionally making for one of my favourite songs of the year in From the Hips. It was an all-round winner – hell, that’s the kind of band Cursive are. They’ve followed it up with a solid new album, I Am Gemini, and we’re now being treated to the first video from it, a collaboration with director Kevin Slack. It’s early days yet, with the clip barely a fortnight old, but I think I’m in the clear as naming this video as one of the band’s best clips to date – if not the.

Why? It’s simple: This House Alive is a headfuck. It’s a mindtrip. It’s not a friendly video. It deals with some very dark, harsh themes mixed in with juvenile delinquency and a cold attitude. At the same time, however, it’s shot beautifully, with some really pristine forest locations adding depth to the the video’s context. Normally, this would be a clip that I over-analyse to buggery – particularly when it comes to the plot. This time, however, I really feel like This House Alive is a video that speaks for itself. See if you agree.


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