Watch This Now: Rufus Wainwright – “Out of the Game”

“You’re only a child, with the mind of a senile man…”

Howdy! Some classiness being flicked your way this morning, as we celebrate the return of the prodigal son. No, not that prodigal son – Easter is over! I’m talking about Rufus Wainwright, pop whiz and one of my favourite singers – the kind that could sing the telephone book and it’d be hailed as a masterpiece. He’s got a new record out at the end of the month, and to celebrate he’s put together a fabulous clip for the title track. It incorporates one of my favourite music video traditions of getting a celebrity to mime along to the song – Call Me Al, anyone? – so it’s one of those clips that I just knew I was going to love from the get-go.

The celebrity in question is actress Helena Bonham Carter, best known to you young people for her roles in the Harry Potter films and the Sweeney Todd remake. Here, she plays a frumpy, frustrated librarian with only a handful of people inside – all of which are played by Rufus. The eccentric pimp-looking character, the cardigan-wearing hipster and what appears to be a drag queen all parade about the library, often interrupting HBC’s thoughts and entering some bizarre fantasies that she has. All the while, she’s waiting for a new mattress to turn up. It all feels as though it could fall apart at any second with so much going on, and yet they manage to wrap this one up delightfully. What’s not to love?


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